Ports and Firewalls
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TCP Ports

The iTeraTEL solution requires that the following TCP ports are open:

22 The port used by the remote SSH connections.
25 The port for remote SMTP connections used by the email2fax feature.
443 The port used to access the web interface.
5060 Signaling port.
5050 Signaling port.
5061 The TLS SIP port used for encrypted connections.
5222, 5280, 5269 The IM ports.
5672 AMQP port (usually internal traffic).
11211 Hubring- should be open for local host, in special configurations open only for remote.
80 The port used by CallAPI.

UDP Ports

The iTeraTEL solution requires that the following UDP ports are open:

10000-20000 This range of UDP ports have to be open for the RTP (audio) traffic.
5060 The TCP+UDP Kamailio SIP port.
5061 SIP TLS port used by Kamailio (optionally).
5050 The UDP Asterisk SIP port.
53 DNS port must be open for outgoing DNS requests.
69 The TFTP port used for provisioning.
4000-5999 Used by T.38 (fax) signaling.
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