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Polycom IP-4000/5000/6000 VoIP Phone Quick Reference Guide
Posted by Alex Salehi on 21 June 2016 08:09 PM

This article explains the basic operation of the Polycom IP-4000, -5000, and -6000 VoIP devices.

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Soft Keys

  • The four buttons immediately below the LCD display are soft keys.
  • Each soft key performs the action displayed immediately above it.
  • Soft key behavior is context sensitive – the associated soft key action changes according to the current phone state.

Place a Call

  • Enter the desired internal extension or external number, then press the Dial soft key.

Last Number Redial

  • Press the Redial button just to the left of the 7 key.
    (On the IP 6000 this is the imported from a Word document key.)

Call Hold

  • To place a call on hold, press the Hold soft key.
  • To resume the call, press the Resume soft key.

Call Transfer

Attended Transfer
  • To transfer a call, press the More soft key, then press the Transfer soft key.
  • Dial the destination number, then press Send.
  • When the destination party answers, announce the caller, and press Transfer again to complete the transfer.
Blind Transfer
  • To transfer a call, press the Blind soft key and enter the destination number.
  • Press the Send button to connect the remote party to the destination and disconnect yourself from the call.

Ad-Hoc Conference / 3-Way Calling

  • Place (or receive) a call.
  • To add another party to the call, press the More soft key, then press the Confrnc soft key.
  • Enter the destination number or extension and press Send.
  • When the destination party answers, press the More soft key, then press Confrnc again.
  • All parties now join a 3-way call.
  • To place both parties on hold, press the More soft key, then press Split. You can speak with each party individually and end the call.

Call Forwarding

  • To enable call forwarding, press the Forward soft key.
  • Select the type of forwarding to enable, then select a destination.
  • Press the Enable soft key
  • The phone display indicates when call forwarding is enabled.
  • To deactivate forwarding, press the Forward soft key, press the forwarding type, then press Disable.

Ringer and Speaker Volume

  • To change the ringer volume, when the phone is idle, press the volume up and volume down buttons at the right side of the keypad.
  • To change the volume of the speakerphone, during an active call, press the volume up and volume down buttons.
  • To toggle Mute on and off, during an active call, press the red mute button.

Special Characters

  • When entering a destination with alphanumerics or special characters, pause momentarily between key presses. For example, when dialing **<ext> press *, pause for a moment, press * again, then dial the extension.
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